Sunday, May 30, 2010


a memory, recalled (01/2010)

i believe our first sincere kiss shared was followed with a blase take on our secret desires to maybe die, or at least not caring if such happens.

- - -

sung-under breath, explain: divorce
these things, i'm saying, i'm, like,
i mean, i feel, i really, i just, i
just cannot understand people
or at least the things that people do
for fun, or friday nights that
fray connections / unsure to bridge-burn
and talk unsweet about success, i've been
poorest poor and late-paid payments, i've been
face-dulled and eyes-glazed as usual, i've been
far too worried about you these days, i've been
desperately seeking hand-holding, i've been
myself lately and it's starting to be a problem.

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