Monday, September 6, 2010


"If principles are deceptive, only the reality of poverty and work are true."
- - -

can i see you sometime later?
yes, but not today.

all this admirable lineage to which the sudden solipsist turns and retreats, reworking repeats in paths; turning up sticks with a fancier style of footwear. a longtime refuser of acknowledgement, *) [as we all know] glazes over in all-heard before, sensing a memory and slipping it away / not for later, but for somebody else. not one thing can stir this *), no, remember, you don't exist! not you or me even, just *) and no, even a cat-call and a fuck you you you taken into context to facilitate a surely perfect ending.

a bad thing:
you and all your sheets are coffee-stained queen.

a bad thing:
me and my better half- the youthful prosecutors.

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