Wednesday, July 7, 2010


automatic poem for the craigslist apartment searchers (2010 on an even more foreign couch)

in heat we meet;

comfortable, settled in the status
quo, yet ardent of heart? followed
modern graphs and charts, knocking
reckless consolation and begs us,
'i'm yours!' callus half-natured;

burned at the stake in keeping careful company.

noting of an admirable deportation,
linking hands forever sealed in
radical aesthetics of the past

a greater public panic, outshines
our antilyrical ecstaticism-
the constant meeting halfway
troubled him inexuberantly.
is it truly such a difficult task
to make a motion complete?

pleading for the proclamation
of a courageous rush into a crowd
indefinable, but i'm not so sure (said)
if boundaries, anarchistically absent,
crossed, how do we go around the getting
back, passport lost?

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