Monday, July 12, 2010


absolutely all those, sleepingly late (after a crisis of conscious, 2010)

when he (who?) says love (long L?) does he (all past love faces blending) compare (what to who, exactly?) you (holding desperately to each syllable) to a flower (stricken from the ground?) or a fire (blazing through the financial district) that emerges in his vision (slightly blurred through right eye astigmatic) or heart (beating hard in heat)? does he (sickeningly smirking) kiss (like every other long-loved always) you (sweating already) on your cheek (crossing paths with lip-lines of others [many?]), contemplating (probability ratios resting somewhere behind his ears) how much (monetarily) further (all the way, all the time?) this (an experience, an experience, an experience) can (will?) go (with no intention of leaving your roommates couch [found in an alley somewhere in 2008]) before (are we past that point already?) we (murmered names, next to numbers) take (steal?) it (all?) a bit (not much, but enough) too far (unfortunately not the next town over).

does he (smelling of what?) shrug (arrogant as a guilded youth) and proceed (tenacious in touch [quick and desperate]) with a detatchment (similar to those before, similar to those experiences before) admirable (how many, now?) to even those (who, everybody, all? [not me]) as well learned (doubtful in any book) as he (in vague yearning).

but you (not mine, his, hers, no-ones), you (eager enough to acquiesce) think (thought) about trying (half-heartedly?) to change (it takes more than clothes), and stop (resist) such jaunts (what a joke it is) and declared (in an insolant intonation) rejection (unexpected maturity) of the masses (most of us [lets be honest]) and dedication (how sweet) to the pursuit (experienced, desire) of positive (there's no place for sentimentality in this line of work) achievements (how sweet it would be to completely forget history).

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