Wednesday, July 7, 2010


automatic poem for the time-travelling pizza boy, 2 (2010 on a foreign couch)

mr. - - -
look away, i'm joking! (or
melting) suv grid this gift we
are about to recieve, occupied
and curious untangling of lights
strung early, through the

night whole mockery tails i don't,
then again, it's deep and all different,

there's a woman for you.

throw to block all bets and four years
ago this would hence seemed quite
shapeless, too custom to last. solution-
fine! may we 1/3, 2/3, resorts.

i advice against holding it.

oh, parallel creation! evil twins, my color
and i tell you, be not confused with hands up!

perfectly symmetrical violence

ours didn't, how'd you, i had to, why i never -
stylish headwound

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